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She said, she would wake to skies of orange but then again, she never slept. She was awake all the while, waiting to see an array of Navy, Indigo, Purple, Pink and Orange skies with eyes in a view measured 35mm.

Cheers to the nocturnal.

Hey, I'm Jan Castolo. A short girl with tall hopes. I am born and raised in the city, studying in The University of the Philippines, Diliman taking up Visual Communication in the College of Fine Arts. I'm twenty years young, born in the summer of April 15. Freelance photography is what I do for a living, besides being a full-time student. I live fast but, I like to take special moments in slowmo. Yes, I'm that type of gal running with the trend but, my soul is old fashioned.

And she will seduce you with spontaneity, awkwardness and dorky-ness.

By the way, I'm open to collaborations and commissions! Do drop me an email at jan.castolo@gmail.com, if you would fancy working with me or if you just like to.

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20 May 12

Something I’ve been working on since Thursday

I’m not yet done with this video though, it’s only a study of a final video that I “might” be doing for some event. Wish me luck! 

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh